Welcome to ‘the little blog of conceptual nonsense’. It’s named after ‘the little book of conceptual nonsense’, which was what I wrote in inside the cover of my first* dedicated notebook for story ideas way back around 2000. Though ideas often end up in my Filofax or on my phone these days, I do still have the book.

But this website is not about ideas. This is a very self-centred place where I will be posting stuff all about me :). For stuff about my family and my wonderful kids check out the links to the family websites on the left hand side. For random waffling about what I need to write, novel excerpts and pictures of craft projects, stay here. This site is part personal writing journal, part tips and prompts for other writers, and part shameless self-promotion! I hope you find something here you like.

Love Leigh

*Actually this was technically the second dedicated notebook after I made the mistake of leaving the first one out on the table at the pub while I went to the bathroom and when I got back it had some other peoples’ ideas in too and a few beer stains. I dutifully copied every idea into the new book though. It’s like it never happened.

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