Step Wars

I usually use Nintento’s Walk With Me to keep track of my daily step count (I get £1 for my piggy bank if I make my daily target), but I’ve noticed that despite walking up and down the house with a fussy baby over and over again I don’t seem to be getting any credit for those steps. So I’m trying an experiment. Yesterday I bought a cheap pedometer from Argos which I am wearing today along with my Walk With Me. Since I don’t know which is the most accurate and the reviews on the Argos website suggest that the pedometer is over sensitive, I’ve also activated the pedometer function on my iPod Nano to get a third reading.

This morning Ben and I went for a walk into town to see my mum and have a coffee. The WWM is usually good at this kind of continuous walking so I did a comparison when I got home. WWM counted around 5,700 steps while the iPod counted around 5,600 steps, which is pretty close. I’m glad they agree. The super cheap pro-fitness pedometer, however, has credited me with a massive 8,000 steps for my little jaunt into town and back. Good for my piggy bank perhaps, but not so good for that left over baby belly. For test 1 the WWM and the iPod are winning.

For test 2, Ben and I are spending the afternoon at home and I’ll be working at the computer. I’ll reset the counters and see how they all do with smaller bits of movement. Good luck to our competitors, let the test begin!

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