Diary Challenge: 17th-23rd Jan 2011

This week has been an interesting week. So far I’ve had an eavesdropping shadow, a woman hiding a child from its evil overlord father, and the worst possible emo poem ever. I also revisited the scene of a short story* I wrote a few years back when my ‘decay’ scene started turning into a library so now my Flash Fiction piece is going to have to be a little follow-up to that. I’m still a day behind on this week’s challenges but I will catch up when Ben has gone to bed tonight. I might post something I wrote, but Markie is going to have to bribe me to make it the emo poem! His is way better than mine.

Anyhoo, on to the challenges for next week. Markie is coming home from the conference so I’ve been inspired by homey and house related things.

Monday 17th Jan – Description Challenge

This is straight forward description practice. You have to describe something in your house in as much detail as you can, preferably using all the senses. I’d stick with the traditional 5, though bonus points if you can find a way to work the extra ones in!

Tuesday 18th Jan – Dialogue Challenge

Write a conversation with 2 or more participants. At least one participant must be in the home of another participant for some reason. It can be any reason. They could be a guest, or maybe an intruder or a prisoner. There’s quite a lot of scope for fun with this one, I think :).

Wednesday 19th Jan – Scene Challenge

In this scene someone is returning home from a long trip. How are they feeling? Has their home changed since they left it? Have they changed? Where were they for so long? All this and more on only one page!

Thursday 20th Jan – Dream Challenge

Write something based on a dream. Last week I dreamed I was a wizard who was a weird hybrid between Willy Wonka and the Wizard of Oz, and I found a school for witches where the pupils where all being held against they will by the evil headmistress. I wonder what my subconscious has got for me this week.

Friday 21st Jan – Poetry Challenge

Sticking with the home theme, either write a poem that uses homes or houses as a metaphor for something else, or write a poem that uses something else as a metaphor for homes or houses. Hmm, yes, I think that makes sense…

Saturday 22nd Jan – Flash Fiction

Just a title this time. Your title is ‘Moving Day’. Write a piece of flash fiction that fits it.

Sunday 23rd Jan – Potluck Challenge – Stream of Consciousness

Let’s have some more free writing. This time there is no starting word, but the prompt is ‘Doorways’.

That’s all for the challenges!

*Ah yes, the short story. This picked up a semi-finalist place in the SFX Pulp Fiction contest a few years back and it’s the only thing I’ve written that I now consider finished. I’m not posting it on my blog but if you know me and you want to read it let me know and I’ll email it to you :).

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