Diary Challenge: 28th March – 3rd April 2011

It’s going to be April next week, which means it’s going to be Script Frenzy! It also means I’ve got 4 days to fill up before I get there. And you know what? 4 days is just enough to plan one more idea before the madness starts :). This week I’ve been working on a little webseries called ‘The Captain’s Blog’, which I’m thinking is the one I’m going to write next month, but we’ll see. It’s about a ship captain called Tori Keller, who was inspired by an old RPG character of mine (Yes, Markie, it is Lexi), who’s passing the time on a long solo trip by making a video blog when a man (no, Markie, it’s not Grey :P) walks onto the bridge. Who is he and how did he get there? It’s a mystery that can only be solved in a mini webseries, obviously!

But what are we doing next week? Well, let’s just stick with what’s been working for now. We’re planning a new script and this one can be anything!

Monday 28th March: Description Challenge

Generate a character name using the Seventh Sanctum quick name generator, then we’re going to look up the meaning of the chosen name and use it for inspiration for some of the character. Describe them in whatever way is appropriate for your chosen script style.

Tuesday 29th March: Dialogue Challenge

This week the conversation must be between at least 3 people, and the topic of conversation is a character who is absent.

Wednesday 30th March: Scene/Flash Fiction Challenge

Since we only have 4 days this week you can do a scene or a stand alone story with your character/s. This scene must include a McGuffin!

Thursday 31st March: Planning

It’s the last day before Script Frenzy so you’ve got one day to do a plan for this script.

Friday 1st April: Script Frenzy!

What are you still looking at me for? I just spent the last 4 weeks helping you come up with 4 ideas. Go write one of them! Go write all of them if you like. Come back and see me in May :P.

Good Luck!

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