Diary Challenge: 8th-14th August 2011

‘Where have you been?’ I hear you cry. Well, I’ve been busy.  I’d love to say I was busy writing my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, but mostly I’ve been busy doing college work and the novel challenge attempt was a bust. Yes, I know I have another month, but I now have a lot of empty diary pages to fill  and dwindling motivation, so if we’re going to make it through the year while managing to keep on top of college work I have to accept that it’s not going to happen and go back to 1 page-a-day challenges. Last week I tried some random free writing and conversations just to get the ball rolling again, and this week I’ll go back to proper challenges. Will work out how to back fill July at some point (suggestions are welcome!).

As writing has been overshadowed by University for the last month lets make University the focus and get something back from it.

Monday 8th August – Description challenge

Set the scene by describing a University setting. This may be a conventional University, or it can be something completely different like a magical university, or a alien university, or whatever you like.

Tuesday 9th August – Dialogue challenge

Write a conversation between two or more students at this University.

Wednesday 10th August – Scene Challenge

Write a scene that takes place in a lecture/class where the tutor has a challenging student to contend with.

Thursday 11th August – Dream Challenge

Write something based on a dream you’ve had recently.

Friday 12th August – Stream of Consciousness

Do some free writing around the theme ‘knowledge’.

Saturday 13th August – Flash Fiction

Write a short story entitled ‘Graduation’. It can be about anything.

Sunday 14th August – Pot Luck: Script

Let’s have another script. As a university administrator myself I know the plight of the ‘backstage’ staff is often overlooked, so we shall write a short script starring the support staff of your University. Bonus points if they save the world, because adminions rock :).

That’s all for now! Hoping to get back to normal over the next few months. My exam is in October after which I can start my planning for NaNoWriMo and we should be all set for a more successful novel attempt in November. I already have an idea in mind inspired by the fountains in Rome, and three characters to take part in it. What’s it about? Fountains of course. No, seriously, it’s going to be cool. Trust me.


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