New year, new challenge

Another January 1st, another chance to set random targets and challenges that may or may not get done, but setting them is at least a start, right? Last year I never got round to doing a January blog post so 2014 is already one up on 2013 :).

So what shall I do this year? One thing is set already. In October I’m starting my MSc, which I will be doing along side working and being mummy to a young family so will have very little time left for my usual pursuits like writing and my eternal quest to progress from ‘novice’ to ‘intermediate’ in my artistic skills. Hence I’m going to have to cram as much of that stuff in between now and September as possible!

I have a lot of things I’d like to do during the year, but at our traditional New Years gathering last night I asked Markie if he thought I should do another blogable challenge like the epic (and actually still ongoing) diary challenge of 2011. He suggested I post some of my writing on my blog. Well, challenge accepted, Markie. I will post a minimum of one piece of writing a month to be published on the 28th day. It could be short stories, scripts, or maybe even the start of a novel. I’m not sure yet, but I shall be delving back into my writing diary and seeing what gems are in there that can be polished up for public display.

I will be doing other stuff that I may blog about along the way, but consider this to be The 2014 Challenge so please pop back on the 28th and feel free to hunt me down on Facebook or Twitter for a good telling off if there is nothing here!

Hope everyone has a fab 2014, and let me know if you’re doing any challenges of your own!


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