Facebook break

Warning, I am deactivating my Facebook account!

Fear not, there has been no drama. I have not had a Facebook fallout causing me to have a diva strop and never darken the door of social media again. Nor have I become so depressed at various political debates that I’m losing the will to live (though to be fair I’m not far off!). I have simply become incapable of opening up my computer without checking Facebook and I just don’t have the time to sink hours into the endless sticky web of clickbait. So Facebook has to go until I get the rest of my work/life/play balance into order. I’ll still be reachable on twitter @LeighKeating, and by email if you can solve this cryptic riddle:

My first part is Leigh, and then a full-stop

My second is Keating, and then you must drop

The shift key and press the numerical two*

At the top of the keyboard. You know what to do.

My third is a ‘mail’ that begins with a ‘g’,

Then a dot, and a suffix short for company.


Beat that spam bots 😛

*Edited to add: This particular clue only works on a mac keyboard.

You’ll need to press the apostrophe,

if you’re not an Apple addict like me!

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