Diary Challenge: 21st-27th Feb 2011

Yes, it’s late, so just a quicky:

Monday 21st Feb: Description Challenge

Let’s have a villain doing something villainous. I was watching Warlock and forgot how nasty he was!

Tuesday 22nd Feb: Dialogue Challenge

Portray a first meeting through Dialogue.

Wednesday 23rd Feb: Scene Challenge

Write a scene in the 2nd person about anything. I wrote a whole short story in the 2nd person once. Message me if you want to read it!

Thursday 24th Feb: Dream Challenge

Dreams again 🙂

Friday 25th Feb: Poetry Challenge

Let’s have a haiku. It’s short and sweet and I’ve really been struggling with the poems. I think from next week I’ll be ditching them for a little while.

Saturday 26th Feb: Flash Fiction Challenge

Write a piece of Flash Fiction in which the main character is not human. They can be anything else.

Sunday 27th Feb: Pot Luck – Stream of Consciousness

Free writing. The first word is ‘Random’. Go!

Next week I’m breaking the format and trying something different. I’ve got an idea I want to run with. Check back to see what it is!

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