Diary Challenge: 28th Feb – 6th Mar 2011

I’m still behind, but keeping on top of it. I’ve nearly finished Valentine’s week. I’m sure I had something in mind for my Flash Fiction piece at the time but now I can’t think of anything! That’s going to be my job for today. But, enough about me being slow, on to the new challenges.

I want to try something different this week. We’re breaking the format and going for some Speculative Fiction. You need to come up with a ‘What if…” scenario and produce 7 different pieces of writing exploring it. They can all be scenes, but you might want to do a script or a news report or something for one of them and that would be great too :). So, what if people could fly? What if animals could talk? You’ll need to pick something with enough scope for at least 7 different stories. I’ve already got mine in mind. I’m looking forward to this week :). Even though I’m not going to get to it until next week…

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