Diary Challenge: 14th-20th March 2011

I’m rather pleased with how last week went. I ended up planning an interesting sci-fi series about teenager Lila Ray and her summer job at a huge American theme park where various strange alien related things are going on every episode. Will that be my Script Frenzy project? I’m not sure, let’s see where this week takes us! This week is comic book week, so on with the challenges.

Monday 14th March: Description Challenge

This worked really well for me last week so let’s do the same again. Generate a character name using the Seventh Sanctum quick name generator, then we’re going to look up the meaning of the chosen name and use it for inspiration for some of the character. This time it’s a comic book character so how they look is going to be much more important that last week. Describe them!

Tuesday 15th March: Dialogue Challenge

This week the conversation must be between your character and a friend or side-kick, dependent on what fits for them.

Wednesday 16th March: Scene Challenge

In this scene your character must overcome some kind of challenge. It can be something major, like saving the world, or something minor, like finding their house keys. Pesky things that they are.

Thursday 17th March: Dream Challenge

Dreams again :) . In comic script form? You can try!

Friday 18th March: Stream of Consciousness

Still on a poetry break so it’s free writing again today. The focus word is ‘Riddle’.

Saturday 19th March: Flash Fiction Challenge

Write a mini comic script involving your character. It can be about anything that works for them.

Sunday 20th March: Pot Luck – series plan

Plan the first few issues of your comic book series!

And that’s comic book week. Next week will be motion – tv series, cartoon, play, web series, anything like that. That’s all for now!

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