Diary Challenge: 7th-13th March 2011

I had decided that I wasn’t going to do Script Frenzy this year, since I’m doing this diary challenge thing. I was very set on it. Then it occurred to me that I could do Script Frenzy as my diary challenge next month! All I need is something I can write in 30 little blocks that would come to 100 pages when typed up, so 30 three-minute webisodes, or radio plays, or little web comics, and I’m good to go. But not only to I have no idea what I want to write, but I’ve got no clue what medium to go for either, so for the weeks leading up to Script Frenzy I’ll be doing some idea generating exercises and trying out some different stuff. This week I’m going to focus on radio. Next week will be comics and the week after will be motion. Hopefully after all that I’ll have an idea for something to do.

Monday 7th March: Description Challenge

We’re going to go for another character challenge, but this time we’re going to generate their name using the Seventh Sanctum quick name generator. Then we’re going to look up the meaning of our chosen name and use it for inspiration for some of the character’s traits. Finally, we have to describe them, but remember that this is a character for a radio play so the focus is not going to be a physical description. Describe what they are like. You’re giving a voice actor some info so they can read the part, what do you think they would benefit from knowing about them?

Tuesday 8th March: Dialogue Challenge

Give your character a rival of some kind, maybe in work, in love, in yacht racing, I don’t know, just a rival, and portray a confrontation between them.

Wednesday 9th March: Scene Challenge

Write a scene with your character at some kind of party. It can be anything and they don’t have to have been invited to the party :). But it must be written as a radio script.

Thursday 10th March: Dream Challenge

Dreams again :). If you fancy writing your dream in script form all the better!

Friday 11th March: Stream of Consciousness

I’m taking a little break from poetry, and since Pot Luck is probably going to be planning until Script Frenzy I’m going to make this the free writing day this week. Just for a while. Poetry will be back. But today’s free writing topic word is ‘Energy’. Make of that what you will.

Saturday 12th March: Flash Fiction Challenge

Write a piece of Flash Fiction involving your character. Hopefully we’ll know enough about them to think of a story that would suit them. If not just use one of the random generators on Seventh Sanctum again :). Oh, and it must be a radio script, in case you didn’t get that ;).

Sunday 13th March: Pot Luck – Series plan

If you were to do a full radio series about the character you’ve been working with this week, what would the first couple of episodes be. Plan out as many or as few as you like.

And that’s it for radio plays! Next week we’re doing comic books. TTFN!

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