Diary Challenge: 9th-15th May 2011

Did you enjoy Royal Wedding Special week? I wrote a series of radio scripts about a fairy tale wedding. An actual one with a fairy godmother and a witch and a rival for the fair maiden’s affections who isn’t willing to give up just because it’s her wedding day. I’ve done all seven dialogues as required but there has been a story running through them and it’s not quite done yet so I’m hoping to finish it next week, if I can find the time in between this week’s challenges and my university essay. Then maybe I’ll bribe some friends to record some of it for me just for fun :).

But now it’s time to move on to the next set of challenges! I’ve worked out with Script Frenzy and all the prep before hand I’ve written nothing but scripts for the last 2 months, so it’s time to get back to a bit of prose and the regular challenge format.

Monday 9th May – description challenge

Describe a pet of some kind and its owner. It can be a made up animal if you like.

Tuesday 10th May – dialogue challenge

Write a conversation between anyone you like, but a pet must feature in the discussion. It doesn’t have to be the same pet as Monday’s challenge. And the pet isn’t allowed to join in the conversation :p

Wednesday 11th May – Scene Challenge

Write a scene in which involves someone attempting to train an animal. It doesn’t have to be a pet this time. It could be a wild animal :).

Thursday 12th May – Dream Challenge

Write something based on a dream you’ve had recently.

Friday 13th May – stream of consciousness

Do some free writing around the theme of ‘luck’ or ‘unlucky’ depending on how superstitious you are 🙂

Saturday 14th May – Flash Fiction

Write a short story which features an animal as one of the main characters.

Sunday 15th May – Pot Luck

Write something based on a song. If you don’t know which song put your mp3 player on to random and pick the first thing that sounds inspirational. My Script Frenzy story was inspired by Green Day’s ‘The Static Age’ :).

That’s all for now. TTFN folks!

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