Diary challenge: 23rd-29th May 2011

Sorry, it’s late, so I’ll keep it short this week. Obviously I expected to be raptured away this weekend, so I didn’t finish my essay or prepare any writing challenges ;P. Ok, seriously, I have been very busy with my essay and am going to spend my remaining lunch hour working on it after this blog post. Well, after I’ve tweeted about posting this blog post. But I thought that since this weekend was a real world Rapture fail we could have a fictional rapture win, so for this week’s challenge:

It’s Judgement Day, people! Either the biblical version or a variation of your own creation, but the world as your characters know it is coming to an end and seven of them have stories to tell about how it’s going down. 7 days, 7 characters, 7 short stories, 1 end of the world. Bonus points if one of the characters is an angel, if you’re keeping score.

Good luck!

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