Diary Challenge: 30th May – 5th June 2011

Sorry last week’s post was a bit short. I was running behind on an OU assignment so got a bit rushed. It has also resulted in me being behind in my rapture stories, but I’ve been behind before and managed to claw it back so I’m not too worried. My rapture stories are based on the premise that a spaceship has arrived to rescue as many people as they can from the planet which will imminently be invaded by extra-dimensional forces that may or may not look a bit demonic and may or may not rain fire and brimstone down. Ahem. I’m not finished yet, but that’s not important right now. The challenges must go on!

Next week we’re having our kitchen done, so I’ve taken some inspiration from that for this week’s batch of writing prompts.

Monday 30th May – Description challenge

Write 2 short scenes describing a place both before and after it has undergone a dramatic transformation.

Tuesday 31st May – Dialogue challenge

Write a conversation between two or more people who are trying to do DIY, either successfully or not :).

Wednesday 1st June – Scene Challenge

Write a scene that is set in a kitchen. It can be about anything at all.

Thursday 2nd June – Dream Challenge

Write something based on a dream you’ve had recently. Again.

Friday 3rd June – Stream of Consciousness

Do some free writing around the theme ‘help’.

Saturday 4th June – Flash Fiction

Write a short story about anything, but the story must feature a tool. It can be any tool and can be used for any purpose. I wish I could say the first thing that came to mind was ‘sonic screwdriver’, but sadly it was ‘Saw’ :(. That movie warped my fragile little mind! But anyway, as you can see there’s a lot of scope for tool related creativity…

Sunday 5th June – Pot Luck: Script

I’ve not done a script for a few weeks, and I enjoyed them so much I think we’ll have one now. Write a short script for any medium with the title ‘Locked Out’. This one wasn’t inspired by my new kitchen, but anyone who follows my twitter will know what this one is about :).

That’s all for this week, folks. Next week we have a guest challenge from Markie again. This one is going to be freaky, I just know it!

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