Diary Challenge: 19th – 25th September 2011

It’s late on Monday before I’m posting again, but at least it’s the right Monday instead of the following Monday so we’ll call that a win and celebrate the small victories ;).

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! Which means there’s really only one theme we can have this week. Yup…Fairies! No, ok, it’s pirates really. Or pirate fairies if you like. Actually there’s a pirate elf on Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, but that’s neither here nor there.

Ahem, anyhoo, on with the challenges….

Monday 19th September – Description challenge

Describe a pirate character of your choice. They could be a nice pirate (Westley!), a ruthless pirate, a lovable rogue, any kind of pirate you like.

Tuesday 20th September – Dialogue challenge

Write a conversation between your pirate and someone official who takes issue with their pirating ways.

Wednesday 21st September – Scene Challenge

Write a scene involves your pirate doing something traditionally piratey, like attacking a ship or hunting treasure or pillaging a harbour.

Thursday 22nd September – Dream Challenge

Use a dream as inspiration for a piece of writing. Bonus points if it’s about pirates.

Friday 23rd September – Stream of Consciousness

Do some free writing around the theme ‘the sea’.

Saturday 13th August – Flash Fiction

Write a short story entitled ‘Hostage’. It can be about anything.

Sunday 14th August – Pot Luck: Genre bender

Create a pirate in a different genre to the character you’ve been working with this week and write a little something that shows them off. So, if you’ve been writing about a classical pirate you might try a space pirate. Or if you’ve been doing a fairy pirate maybe try your hand at a grizzly ghost pirate. Whatever you like.

I think that will do. Revision time!

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