Diary Challenge: 26th September – 16th October 2011

There’s no point in denying it. I missed a week posting again. Probably because I’m so far behind in these challenges myself even working out where I’m supposed to be is becoming more of a challenge. It doesn’t help that I’m only 2 weeks from my exam and when I am motivated to do something it pretty much has to be revision right now so I only see myself falling further behind for the immediate future.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Not for me. So the challenge for last week and the next two weeks is entirely selfish, but as no one seems to be doing it with me I think it’s ok to spend some time doing something that won’t have value for anyone else. It’s revision time. But how can I combine revision with writing? Surely not writing revision notes into my beloved diary in a desperate attempt to fill up some of those blank pages? No, nothing so mundane. Instead I shall devote 7 stories, 3 pages each, inspired by one of my revision chapters. These stories must somehow incorporate as much of the main issues of the chapter as possible to serve as mnemonic devices for the exam and to help make me think about and consolidate what I’ve been reading. I’ll share the chapter headings, and if there is a quiet little person out there doing it with me, or someone stumbles across this years from now and is trying to follow in my footsteps, you can use them as free writing prompts.

1) 26th-28th – Temperament/Personality

2) 29th – 1st – Evolution & Genetics

3) 2nd – 4th – Gender identity

4) 5th-7th – Executive Function

5) 8th-10th – Theory of mind

6) 11th – 13th – Language

7) 14th – 16th – First Relationships

And that’s all you’re getting, as shockingly enough I have to get back to revision now, so I can at least revise enough of temperament to write a story on it in the morning!

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