Diary Challenge: 6th-12th June 2011

Another week, another diary challenge. Last week I had the renovation of a very strange pub, someone escaping the kitchen at a giant’s party where they were part of the buffet, and an unexpected conversation between the MCs of my NaNo novel Pixies in Space, which mostly involved Fable trying to convince
Jayce not to try and do his own improvements on the ship. He didn’t listen.

This week we have a guest challenge from Markie. Now, how to explain this…

Remember ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ when they would start a scene and after a minute Clive Anderson would give them a genre and they had switch? Same scene, same characters, just inexplicably transported into a new genre and no one seems to notice. Well that’s the challenge. The scene/story is called ‘The Chase’ and each day you must write the next part in a totally different genre. Should be interesting. Good luck!

One thought on “Diary Challenge: 6th-12th June 2011

  1. This is a challenge I wish I had the time to do myself, perhaps I will, but I seriously doubt it. Good luck Leigh, looking forward to seeing some more of this year’s writings published perhaps…?

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